Here's some guidance for preparing for your estate sale
  1. Before we arrive
    Most importantly, do not throw out ANYTHING! Believe it or not, half full bottles of cleaning supplies, old magazines, newspaper, greeting cards etc. sell faster than the furniture. Even an old broken plate or picture frame can be re-purposed by an arts and crafts buyer with an imagination.
  2. Valuation
    NEVER take any jewelry, silver, or gold to a "Cash for Gold" store or local jeweler to pre-sell. These items are the best sellers at our sales. In some cases, the costume jewelry is worth more than the fine jewelry; therefore do not trust anyone else who asks if they can buy it all. We get top dollar for jewelry at our sales. After we value each piece, if you decide to keep a few items, that is fine. You will at least have an idea of the true value.
  3. Access to the Property
    In order for us to host the best possible sale, we prefer to have access to the property two weeks prior to the actual start date. We pride ourselves on our extensive advertising campaign and we photograph the inventory for marketing once we have staged and researched all the contents of the estate.
  4. Consultation
    We provide FREE No Obligation Consultations. We will gladly schedule an appointment with you to visit the home and review the contents. If you need a fast, brief recommendation and can't wait to book an appointment, you can also email or text us a few photos of each room and their contents (especially the storage areas, attic, and garage). Often times we can give you some direction over the phone the same day.